Malaga Update / July 2012

Muelle Uno and Quay 2 — the new Malaga marina/port development

Malaga is very different from the other locations on the Costa del Sol — it's a very serious working port — bulk carriers, container ships and regular ferries provide the regular background to life in the city. It's also a major port of call for the numerous cruise ships that ply their trade around the Mediterranean. There is also a sailing club with a small marina full of dinghies and larger craft and a quay with motor cruisers and naval and police patrolboats too. All this was divorced from the city by security fences and acres of roadways and stacked containers, so the city turned it's back on the port for the eyesore that it was. 

This has all now changed, as the city realised what an asset the port was — as exeplified by the development of the Barceloneta — and have developed the quays opposite the commercial port. 

Muelle Uno — designed by the L35 firm of architects is a retail and leisure offer between the quays for motor cruisers and the Malaguetta district. Additionally the city has also invested in a state of the art contemporary cruise ship terminal which can process a cruise ship full of passengers and get them out and spending in the city as a flowing, integrated experience.

Quay 2 — redesigned by architects Jerónimo Junquera and Liliana Obal who have converted the quay into The Palm Grove of Surprises - a promenade lined with palm trees and a sinuous a central pergola plus a passenger terminal for small and medium-sized cruise ships parallel to the Paseo del Parque

Our latest visit to Malaga coincided withe final of the European Football final — a heady mix of natural Spanish exuberance and football mania — a giant outdoor screen was erected in the new port area to great success, sponsored by Coca-Cola and thronged with happy supporters of the national team.

The new portside retail offer will no doubt appeal to the target audience and there are numerous bars, cafes and restaurants from fine dining at Jose Carlos Garcia to buckets of beer at La Surena Cerveceria — for 3 euros!