Guest contributions

We've asked our 'creative industry' friends — architects, artists, art directors, designers, illustrators, photographers, web developers — to contribute their favorite places: bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels, shops or an event or location they think offers something special and want to share. What will they be?

Austria/Vienna Hawelka
Dorotheergasse 6
1010 Wien
Hawelka is one of the best Viennese traditional cafes not far from Stephansplatz. A laid-back escape from the finery of Vienna's palaces and the apple strudel is to die for!
Sally Brisland, Internal Communication Specialist, Manchester

Tent station
Seydlitzstr. 6
10557 Berlin
Berlin was altogether amazing and one of the best places I've ever visited. We stayed at 'Tent station,' a disused swimming pool and grounds, just down the road from Berlin's main train station. Not only is the situation brilliant, literally right in the centre of the city, but it costs around 12 Euros a night to pitch a tent. In the evening the swimming pool turns into an independent cinema, a dance floor or a music venue. For a slightly higher rate you can book to stay in the lifeguard's hut!
Sally Brisland, Internal Communication Specialist, Manchester

Once a Premiership city nowadays Lisbon plays in the Championship. But do y’ know what, it doesn’t care. It’s laidback, charming and cool. Get around on the cute little trams. Visit the old docks with its museums, cafés, galleries and clubs. Or hang with the hipsters at the LX factory. Go in winter and enjoy the sunshine.
Mick Greer, Chief Thinker, Greer+, Manchester

Hostel Celica
Metelkova ulica 8,
1000 Ljubljana 
Hostel Celica, was a Slovenian military prison until 1991. Each cell has been redesigned  and renovated by a different artist, but the original bars remain and you have to lock yourself in at night. A great bar downstairs with live local music and good food too.
Sally Brisland, Internal Communication Specialist, Manchester

38 William IV Street
Covent Garden
Anyone wanting to try a wonderful coffee & pastry experience in London should not miss MD's. Gorgeous selectino of open sandwiches and the best croissants (truly European) I've tasted in the land. A must.
Joy Fonderson, Book Artist, London

Fogo de Chao
661 N. LaSalle Blvd
Illinois 60654
Meat lover's paradise - all you can eat for a flat fee around 50$ and a massive salad bar. Numerous other locatons in the USA and Brazil.
Joy Fonderson, Book Artist, London

Blue Martini
2223 N. W. Shore Blvd. #B203,
FL 33607
Fun bar that turns into a concert venue and nightclub 7 days a week. Very good cocktails
Joy Fonderson, Book Artist, London

Scary place with manic transport system