Getting there and around Munich and Regensburg


Lufthansa has direct flights from Manchester at reasonable prices to the revamped airport at Munich. We now know that easyJet fly there too, even more cheaply.

Getting there

Use the rail connection from Munich airport to the city centre or take the Lufthansa airport bus, terminating at the Hauptbahnhof. Transfer to the U-Bahn [after buying 3-day tickets, for access to all public transport for 11 euros — a bargain!].

Getting around

We used our public transport travel tickets to the maximum on U-Bahn, S-Bahn and trams — our preferred mode of transport — and visited the Botanical Gardens, Art Galleries and the castle of Altsted in the Grunewald forest on the edge of Munich. 


Getting there

The Bayern Ticket is good for one day’s travel throughout Bavaria, on all transport systems for groups of up to 5 adults and children [1 adult = 2 children]. Very popular during school holidays — all for 30 euros. This seemed to be a cheaper option than two full-price single tickets and selected the observation coach in the middle. This option soon became totally packed — as everyone wanted the view out the big windows. The trip to Regensburg was effortless, with smaller trains on local lines awaiting connecting passengers en route. 

Getting around — Boat Trips

Boat trips on the Danube include: the ‘Strudel’ trip round the islands and whirlpools caused by the ’Stony bridge’ and the Walhalla trip — down river to visit the acropolis like edifice commissioned by King Ludwig I to celebrate ‘worthies’ from the German speaking nations. Both trips can be recommended. Drinks and food on board are at reasonable prices — and informative commentaries in both German and English. On our visit the river was in full spate after the recent heavy rains, so up-stream trips were not possible, as the boats could not go under the ‘Stony bridge’. 

Regensburg is also a starting point for longer river trips on the Danube, and a number of the long, low cruise boats were re-victualling during our stay.

Getting around — Bus Trips

For long bus trips into the further reaches of the countryside surrounding Regensburg  buy a one-day group ticket for 11 euros. We chose route 5 — along the north bank of the Danube, past Walhalla and up into the hills terminating at Friburg. The countryside was beautiful: rolling hills of fields and forests and so neat! Every house and farm looked as if it had just been painted, they could all have been in a lifestyle magazine. We found it comforting that people were so proud of their environment — not a scrap of refuse anywhere. It must be our age!